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Celadon Pottery


Celadon is a term used to refer to the type ceramic glazing technique developed more than a thousand years ago in China. Celadon pottery usually comes in bluish, light green, olive or bluish green color. Some Celadon products are translucent, others have crackle patterns.

Our celadon and ceramic products are made by the Qingyunxuan Celadon kiln in the Longquan province of China.  The Longquan celadon pottery is world renown for the near jade-like porcelain quality. The techniques used in the pottery making in Longquan region has been passed down from generations for over a thousand years  and is world renown earning Qingyunxuan craftsmanship a place on the UNESCO  Immaterial Cultural Heritage Lists. Qing Yun Xuan is one of the few government recognized kiln that date back hundreds of years.  Most Qingyunxuan ceramic products are hand made by master craftsman whose skills are passed down from generations. All handmade Qingyunxuan product will have their logo stamp imprinted on the underside.  There are many longquan celadon products out in the marketplace, but there is ONLY ONE Qingyunxuan!  All Qingyunxuan pottery will come with a certificate of recognition by the UNESCO for Intangible Cultural Heritage.